If you’re planning to ship a container to or from the Hawaiian Islands, we offer varying levels of service to fit your needs.┬áThe most basic level of container service we provide is DIY or “Do It Yourself”. DIY service includes door to door container service for customer loading at origin and destination. But what if you need help, or don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in.


Pictured is Matson’s largest vessel in it’s fleet, the MV Mokihana. The Mokihana recently went under construction and added a new auto garage, increasing auto shipping capacity to 1,200 autos and the ability to carry 1,000 containers on board.


PREFERRED- Door to door container service plus professional labor for loading of your goods at your origin and unloading at your destination. Includes on site supervision by one of our container load supervisors (plus crew) and securing of your goods for ocean shipment.

Why you need it: Loading a container for ocean shipment is vastly different than loading a moving truck for a cross country move. Our load supervisors both on the mainland and in HI. are proficient in what we call “Container Tetris”. This means that your goods are loaded, stacked, positioned and secured in a way that ensures the tightest pack possible, which helps minimize load shifting in the container. Our crews are also well versed in loading and securing vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATV’s. Keep in mind- your container will be shipping on top of moving vessel, on seas that are often times turbulent due to seasonal weather or hurricane season.


PREFERRED-PLUS- Preferred service plus high quality packing blankets and wrapping materials for larger items such as sofas, mirrors, large tables, china cabinets, exercise equipment, etc.

Why you need it: The most common damage reported by homeowners that load and pack their own goods is scuffing on larger furniture items. This occurs when goods that are not wrapped or properly packed make contact with other unwrapped items, or the container’s side wall while in transit.


FULL- The must have service. Preferred service plus professional labor for packing of all household items, including all high quality packing materials. Specialty items that require greater care including wall art, statues, china and breakables of all kinds are all covered under this level of service.

Why you need it: Let our team take care of every little thing so you can relax and enjoy your moving experience. By choosing a full service upgrade, you’re saving yourself time and probably a sore back! Specialized materials are provided for any/all types of household items. Goods are unpacked/unwrapped and disposed of upon unloading at your destination.

Moving has never been easier with the Kona Container/Car Guy team.

Call us today at (808)649-0891 to plan your move to or from paradise.


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