CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT- My Experience Moving To Captain Cook

Libby Quakenbush
Chatsworth, CA. to Captain Cook, HI.

Our newest customer spotlight features past customer Libby’s experience moving from Chatsworth, CA. to Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Her move had been in the works for years and she stayed in contact with us throughout that time to plan the logistics and details for her service. Libby moved a 20′ container and a vehicle with us, under our Preferred-Plus service level.


We are thrilled for her and her pets as they have now completed their move to paradise, and we thank her for sharing her experience with others looking to do the same!

Why did you decide to move to Hawaii? What excited you most about living here?

I lived here in the mid-90’s and promised myself I would retire here.

What was your biggest worry prior to moving?

Just having everything go smoothly.

What was the most difficult part about your move and how did you navigate it?

Hands down it was getting permits and documents together for bringing my parrots and my three dogs with me.

What was the easiest part of your move?

Having Kona Container Guy transport my belongings and my car.

What do you think others would want to know, or could benefit from your experience?

The effort and care Kona Container Guy took with everything, especially having my car waiting for me at the Kona Airport. I appreciated being able to call anytime to get updates and always treated with courtesy and respect.

Hindsight being 20/20, is there something about your move that you’d do differently, if you had the opportunity to do it again?

Other than doing it years earlier…not a thing. This move was effortless.

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