CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT- My Experience Moving to Kona

Dan I.2019 Move From Dayton, OH. to Kailua-Kona, HI.

Our newest customer spotlight comes from Dan, who recently shipped his household goods with us from the Midwest to Kona. Dan called us and let us know that he was shipping a very minimal amount of goods including boxes and tubs, with no furniture. We paired him with a cost effective less than container load option, which enabled him to pay for the amount of volume he shipped versus renting a full container. Mahalo Dan for trusting us as your service provider and for providing feedback on your experience!

Why did you move to Hawaii? What excited you most about moving here?

I have been to the Big Island several times over the years and have always just loved it. I’m probably happiest that I’ll never have to go through another Midwest winter.

What was your biggest worry prior to moving?

Affordability. My last two trips prior to moving were mostly to determine what my cost of living would be.

What was the most difficult part about your move and how did you navigate it? Was it moving pets? Finding housing?

There were some bumps along the way but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. Make a plan and be prepared for it to change. I used a vacation rental for the first month, then found an apartment for the next year while I looked for a home.

Was it difficult finding a job on the island?

I haven’t landed a job yet. There are plenty of jobs available, almost all businesses advertise the need for help. It’s almost more a case of deciding what you want to do.

What was the easiest part of your move?

Shipping stuff. Once I had an idea of what it would cost, I planned accordingly; will it cost more to replace or to ship?

What is the biggest difference between island life and living on the mainland?

Life is slower and people are friendlier. Island life may not be for everyone but I’m glad I’m here.

What do you think others would want to know, or could benefit from your experience?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help. My transition was made easier by a few generous people and a few dedicated businesses.

Hindsight being 20/20, is there something about your move that you’d do differently, if you had the opportunity to do it again?

I probably would have put more pre-work into it. Since I had decided to sell most of my possessions, it would have been better to start that process long before I put my house on the market. Packing up could have been started earlier as well, take the opportunity to sort better.
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