Our top tips for packing and palletizing your goods for ocean shipment are brought to you by pro container load supervisor, Joel.

Joel (pictured left) and crew member Aaron, on site in Washington state.

Joel has been with us for 6 years, and has a wealth of field knowledge to share for the do it yourselfer. Below, Joel highlights the supplies you’ll need, and procedures to follow to ensure the best possible preparation for your LCL shipment.


To start- what is LCL shipping?

LCL (short for less than container load) shipping is beneficial for those who are shipping very minimal household items. LCL shipments are most cost effective if you’re primarily shipping boxes and/or other small pieces. Furniture or dimensional items such as large appliances, couches, mattresses, etc. being shipped via LCL are generally not cost effective.

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Double walled boxes. These boxes are strong enough to be stacked, and will provide the best protection for your goods. Strong, plastic totes are also OK.
  2. Tape gun and HIGH QUALITY packing tape. The container your goods are shipped in will go through extreme temperature changes. Lesser quality tape has a tendency to become not so sticky during transit, thus increasing the chances of your boxes collapsing.
  3. Moving blankets for any items or pieces that will not be boxed.
  4. Stretch/shrink wrap.
  5. Pallet(s) for your goods. Pallets are easy to find if you know where to look. The Home Depot has recently begun selling pallets at select locations. Call your local U-haul, grocery store, or other warehouse store to see if they have any extra they will sell or give you. Most cities also have pallet yards- check Google or Craigslist. Your pallet should be in good condition, not rotten and have no missing pieces. Keep in mind- this pallet is responsible for keeping your goods together during shipment. Quality is crucial.

What to buy:

We buy exclusively from The Home Depot, as we believe they have the highest quality materials. When it comes to packing supplies, you get what you pay for. Please see our recommended shopping list, below:

How to palletize/prep your shipment:

  1. Pack your boxes and wrap any loose items in packing blankets, making sure to completely cover all pieces to prevent damage.
  2. Begin to stack your boxes and goods onto your pallet, with the heaviest items stacked on the bottom and the lightest stacked towards the top. Be careful not to leave anything hanging out over the sides if you can help it. Also, anything with wheels or feet should be stacked on it’s back or side, as these can be broken off by the forklift upon pick up/delivery.
  3. Next, start wrapping your consignment with stretch/shrink wrap. Start from the bottom, working your way all the way up to the top. The more wrap you use, the more secure your shipment is against load shifting. Use more wrap than you think you need- we’re talking approximately half of the roll (dependent on the size of your consignment).
  4. Tape your bill of lading (BOL) to the outside of your consignment. We’ll provide this document at the time of booking.

For more details on LCL shipping, and other services we provide please call us at (808)649-0891.

-Brought to you by the KCCG team-

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