Our Customer Spotlight series is back again- this time Joel details his experience moving to Waikoloa Village on the Kona side of the Big Island with the Kona Container/Car Guy, and offers advice that others may find helpful when planning their move. Mahalo for your feedback Joel and congratulations on your nearly 1 year anniversary in paradise!


Move date- January 2018


Pictured: Crew member Christopher, Joel and load supervisor Micah

Why did you decide to move to Hawaii, and what excited you most about moving here?

The scenery and the weather. It has been my dream since 1983 when I first visited Hawaii.

What was your biggest worry prior to moving?

Leaving family and friends behind. Also worried about getting my Porsche to Hawaii unscathed.

What was the most difficult part about your move and how did you navigate it? Was it moving pets? Finding housing?

Dealing with many aspects of moving so far. We were selling the company I work for, selling a house, remodeling a house in Hawaii, and the logistics of moving two cars and belongings. We just took things one step at a time and let Kona Container Guy handle the logistics of moving two cars and personal belongings.

What was the easiest part of your move?

Flying here and then the communication received from Kona Container Guy was comforting and assuring that we made the right choice in selecting who we used as the logistic company on this move. 

What do you think others would want to know, or could benefit from your experience?

We were able to track our container going from Chicago to port in Long Beach, California and then again from Long Beach to Hawaii. In addition the service loading and unloading and communication was great. Lauren handled the office communication and the communication during transit. The owner even showed up on delivery of the container and the unloading of my Porsche.

Hindsight being 20/20, is there something about your move that you’d do differently, if you had the opportunity to do it again?

I would do everything the same way.

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